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Rxdz Pcb Solder Black Flexible P/n B-30-1000 30Awg Wire Wrapping Wrap 250M Long - Black

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  • 200m / 656ft temperature rating 105 degree br style font-family Helvetica Neue , Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif text-align center background-color rgb 229, 229, 229 / Plastic spool will be provided together for better organizing

    cable length approx

    01 od core dia

    02 x 0

    25mm / 0

    5 x 0

    x000d features with flexible and insulation wrap wire, tin-plated copper breadboard jumper cable for test jig, jtag or any electronic test uses

    x000d widely use for laptop, motherboard, lcd display, breadboard, electronic test and other pcb soldering fly line. br / table class t info tbody tr th class title colspan 2 General /th /tr tr td class attr Brand /td td RXDZ /td /tr tr td class attr Model /td td P/N B-30-1000 /td /tr tr td class attr Quantity /td td 1 nbsp piece /td /tr tr