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Markal 89550, Certified Thermomelt Heat Stik

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Pre-certified to meet nuclear and military low-corrosion specifications for stainless-steel fabrication and other super alloys, the Markal Certified Thermomelt HEAT-STIK® is a quick method to accurately measure metal surface temperatures and equipment

  • Description
  • DOE RDT F-7-3T expired U.S

    Features Certified to meet the following U.S.A

    Industry Uses Ship building and repair Nuclear-power generation Other power generation facilities Oil and gas Military Surface Uses Stainless Steel Alloy and superalloy metals

    Navy C3070 Engineered to meet 200 ppm total halogens 250 ppm each low melting point metals 300 ppm total low melting point metals 200 ppm sulfur Protective holder, shirt-clip and adjustment ring prevents breakage and improves handling Made in U.S.A

    The 20 available temperatures are lot traceable for jobsite documentation

    And international specifications EDF PMUC MIL - STD-2041D U.S