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Two Left Feet Diamonds Are Forever Women's Hipster Underwear

4.2 stars, based on 27 reviews

Girl’s Best FriendPeople say diamonds are a gal’s best friend, but we think it’s actually a great pair of underwear

  • Description
  • A best friend is steadfast

    A best friend is there with you, day in and day out, for the good, bad, and laundry day.So, we think the whole phrasing needs to be rethought

    A best friend makes you comfortable

    A soft elastic waistband keeps them snugly in place, while the pink base and diamond pattern keep things girly, glam, and glitzy!Better Than JewelryThis pair is bound to blend both the stalwart comfort of a BFF with the fanciful and elegant shimmer of diamonds, to quickly become your go-to pair for work and play! nbsp

    Instead, how about these Two Left Feet Diamonds are Forever Women's Hipsters are a girl's best friend OK, it doesn rsquo t really roll off the tongue, but still hellip it does have a certain ring to it, right Fun DetailsThis pair is from the fun and fabulous company Two Left Feet, and it's bound to put a pep in your step any day you wear it

    It features reliable cotton construction with just a hint of stretch for a supreme fit in everyone rsquo s favorite hipster cut

    Think about it diamonds are shiny and sparkly and fancy mdash but that rsquo s not the role of a best friend