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Meriam M1502-Ci0030-Ci0300-03-1-01, Digital Pressure Transmitter

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ZM1502-CI0030-CI0300-03-1-01, Digital Pressure Transmitter: Dual Pressure Sensors, DIN Rail Mounting clip and Panel Mount hardware, manual, resources CD, ± 0.025% FS

  • Description
  • Applications Lab data acquisition Test and monitoring applications Barometric pressure reference Production skids Pneumatic / hydraulic go, no go testing Pressure leak testing Process control applications Plant instrumentation OEM applications Laminar Flow Systems Wet / wet differential monitoring and control Head type flow metering Orifice plate, Venturi, Accutube, Wedge Clean room pressure monitoring

    Digital Communication Protocol Options MSP Meriam Serial Protocol RS-232, RS-485 or USB

    Factory Configuration Options None For wider pressure range requirements, the M1502 with digital output incorporates two pressure sensors

    Most combinations of AI or CI type pressure sensors are supported

    Output/Communication Options USB 2.0 Digital Communication, 177 0.025 FS

    P1 port -15 to 30 PSIG P2 port -15 to 300 PSIG

    Statement includes all affects of linearity, repeatability, hysteresis and temperature from -20 176 to 50 176 C -4 176 to 122 176 F

    The M1502 reduces purchase price and installation costs when multiple pressure measurements are needed

    Use USL of CI type sensors for accuracy calcuations