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Star Wars New Hope Snow Globe

4.2 stars, based on 27 reviews

Snowflakes or star-flakes?OurStar Wars New Hope Snow Globe features the classic posterthatpromoted the hell out ofStar Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.Yep it's all there -- the classic image of Luke holding aloft his lightsaberon apatch of Tatooine; behind him the loominggalactic conflict andahard-breathing visage of his greatest enemy.But the festive floating flecks of glitter? Well the name says "snow" and this is in fact a "snow globe." However the action is obviously taking place inspace

  • Description
  • And while alight it changes color!NEATO!Measures 4.2 high.Replaceable battery.Light-up featureon the base.Increase storm intensity with a simple shake

    Basically I want you to overlook the whole snow thing and lean towards stars. Logic demands it

    Now moving on...This Star Wars star globerests on a solid black base trimmed in bands ofglistening blue glitter -- they frame a STAR WARS logo.It lights up!Yep just flick the switch and thisStar Wars snow globe lights up