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Accuform Crpk371Ste, 3-1/4" To 5" Pipe Marker "alimentation En Glycol"

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Accuform, CRPK371STE, Snap Tite 3-1/4" to 5" O.D

  • Description
  • Visible colors and bold lettering on the pipe marker are designed to meet or exceed ASME ANSI A13.1-2007 recommendations for size, color and visibility for flammable fluids Inform workers of the purpose of a pipe, such as a glycol supply Glycol supply markers should be placed at frequent intervals along piping systems and should be clearly legible at a distance Translation Glycol Supply Snap Tite Pipe Markers Printed on heavy gauge 20-mil Rigid Vinyl plastic Service temperature is -4 176 to 158 176 F Pre-coiled plastic pipe marker that installs quickly and easily

    Yellow French Pipe Marker Alimentation En Glycol Label contents and the directional flow of pipes used for glycol supply