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Ventura 3 Dlx, Midsize Scooter

4.2 stars, based on 27 reviews

The Drive Medical Ventura scooter series has always been known for its innovative design, reliable portability, and ergonomic finishes

  • Description
  • Both the 3 and 4-wheel Ventura models have been enhanced to ensure the highest quality performance across the line

    Choosing the right scooter to purchase can be difficult, but the increasingly robust, advanced features of the Ventura series make the decision easier than ever! Proposition 65 Warning This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause

    The expanded weight capacity allows new users to enjoy the many mobility benefits of owning a Ventura, while the disassembling frame simplifies operation for greater usage

    Whether navigating around the neighborhood, running errands, or spending time outdoors, the Ventura guarantees you never miss out on a new adventure! Now, the Ventura offers even more value with an increased weight capacity of 400 pounds, an easy disassembling frame, and a smooth 16 mile drive range